Cold Russian day

The church and lake near our apartment.

St. Basil's Cathedral


Moscow City Architecture

the buildings going up at the Moscow City Complex near the Russian Government building are an interesting collection of styles.

Kremlin in Moscow

This image was taken from a park across the Moscow River

Maslanetza -

the maslanetza in Moscow - they were getting ready to burn her.

Church in Moscow

One of the many churches in Moscow

Vevezta park

The academia building

Czaritza Park in Moscow

This park is beautiful, and so many wonderful sites in it, this particular image is the Island on the Lake, it is a good image but the Painting Effect really brings out the depth to my mind.

The auditorium at the Exhibition park

this is a view from the ferris wheel, the park is huge but you can see so much forest in Moscow.

Lady fountain at Exhibition park

the fountain has one woman for each of the former republics of the Soviet Union

Mineral Fountain in People Park

the park, exhibition park, was where each former Soviet Republic was represented. Each with a pavillion of it's own.

Rainbows at the singing fountain

the singing fountain at Czaritza Park -